Sleeve-ons website has officially launched!

We’re excited to bring a new fashion accessory that will seasonalise and expand every woman’s wardrobe. Women all over the world can enjoy the benefits of Sleeve-ons.

You can order Sleeve-ons through our Online Store, by clicking on the “Store” button located in the top right of the website.


Here are some quick facts about Sleeve-ons:

  • Sleeve-ons are the latest “must have” item to expand any woman’s wardrobe, worn under or over sleeveless garments, to transform them into versatile items of clothing with short, three-quarter or long sleeves to suit the changing weather all year long.
  • Sleeve-ons make any sleeveless item of clothing wearable in every season, giving you the option of short, three-quarter or long sleeves by wearing Sleeve-ons underneath your garment.
  • Sleeve-ons are compact and portable – they come packaged in a small organza bag that you can fit in your handbag, carry on your wrist or tie onto a bag strap or belt.
  • Sleeve-ons are perfect to help refresh your regularly worn corporate outfits, work clothes or uniforms. They are great for evening wear and daywear, with the additional benefit of assisting with sun protection.
  • Sleeve-ons make the perfect gift for any woman – she will be forever grateful that you helped expand her wardrobe by giving her the option of sleeves for whatever the occasion.
  • Sleeve-ons are lovingly made to order in our Australian factory based in Melbourne, where we take great care to produce beautiful, high quality garments at an affordable price.

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  1. by Margaret G.Mackay

    Where can I purchase sleeve- ons???
    I live in London Ontario Canada

  2. They will ship overseas and you can order from their website at

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