What are the benefits of Sleeve-ons?

Sleeve-ons help to transform sleeveless garments into versatile items of clothing with short, three-quarter or long sleeves that can be worn in every season of the year.

They can be worn under any sleeveless garment, giving you sleeves, or they can be worn over any sleeveless garment like a shrug for a different look. Sleeve-ons are available in a range of different sleeve lengths, colours, patterns and styles, suitable for daywear, evening wear and special occasions. Sleeve-ons are compact and portable, packaged in a small organza bag, so they can be carried in a handbag or on your wrist, or tied onto a bag strap or belt.

Since they are also non-crush, easy care and lightweight, they are excellent for travelling, making you prepared for a variety of climates. Sleeve-ons cover your upper arms, making you feel more comfortable in sleeveless garments if you don’t like your arms exposed. Sleeve-ons help refresh your regularly worn corporate outfits, work clothes or uniforms. They give a sleeveless dress, gown or top an exclusive look, so you will never be seen wearing the same outfit as someone else.

Sleeve-ons make a great gift, and are Australian made to very high quality standards at an affordable price.

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