Do you have other designs in the pipeline?

We are always introducing new fabrics, styles, designs and patterns to our range of Sleeve-ons to keep our customers happy and stay in touch with the latest fashion trends of the season. If you love one of the fabrics you see now, then you should order it, as it may not be available next time you visit our website, since we are always changing the fabrics we use to produce our Sleeve-ons.

Sleeve-ons will soon be available in glamorous options with embellishments including pearls, cuffs, buttons, binding, ruching, rhinestones, fur, sparkles and sequins. Make sure you keep visiting our website or subscribe to our Exclusive Previews so we can keep you updated.

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If you have a particular design in mind that we do not currently offer, we welcome feedback from our customers and would love to hear from you.  Visit our Contact Page to get in touch.

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